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Bring and Buy form

The crowd around the Bring & Buy stand at Scaleforum 2010

Bring & Buy

At its exhibitions the Society operates a second-hand goods stand, where (for a 10% commission to the Society) members may sell model railway and other related items to the show's attendees.

Simple in concept, the stand's popularity means the volunteers who run it have a lot of work to get through in a short space of time. The few simple rules set out on the attached forms help the stand run smoothly.

Goods may be brought along on the day, and if you're visiting to buy items from the stand, it is worth paying more than one visit, as more items do become available during the show.

Scaleforum 2023 Bring & Buy

The Society's now-traditional Bring and Buy stand will be appearing at Scaleforum 2023, at Cressex School in High Wycombe.

The B&B provides an opportunity for members to recycle their surplus models, unmade kits, tools etc. - to anyone who turns up!

Please download and read carefully the Terms and Conditions. In particular, please note that all items are put on the stand at your risk and the Society will retain a commision, usually 10% (including VAT), of the sale price.

Members wishing to sell stock should download This Excel spreadsheet, and fill in the details and intended selling price of their items. This also makes life easier for the stand staff (who are very busy during the show, it's a lot of work to get through in a short time), and ensures our Data Protection Act obligations are satisfied.

For those who don't do spreadsheets, there is a more traditional Word vendor page, with a continuation page if you have many items. These two (vendor page and continuation page) are available as PDFs but these will need to be manually filled in.

All your sale items need to be labelled: the label should be something like

  • 123
  • £10.00
  • 4567

where the first line is the item number (matching your item list), the second is the price sought for that item, and the third is the vendor's Society membership number (DON'T put your name!).

As in recent years, the Bring And Buy will be run by members of the Princes Risborough Area Group, to whom we are extremely grateful. However, any questions before the show should be addressed to the Society Treasurer (

We expect the stand to be busy this year (it always is!) - so please take care with the paperwork and don't use out-of-date forms, everything you need is here. See you in High Wycombe in September!