Area Groups

The Society supports a large network of Area Groups, both in the UK and abroad, through which members can keep in touch with one another and, in many cases, work together on joint layouts and other projects.

Area Groups vary in style. Some are formally organised, and require membership of the Scalefour Society. Often Area Groups function as area groups for several societies, and some aim to encourage finescale modellers in any scale.

Area Groups may organise as part of some larger club locally. If there are several near you, try each to see what works for you.

Construction of Slattocks
Junction - Manchester Area Group

To find an Area Group near you please browse the map or head to the bottom of this page where you will find a complete listing. If there isn't one near you, contact Gavin for support to set one up!

All the Scalefour Society Area Groups are listed on the "Blue Sheet" and it contains full contact details of the individuals that organise the Area Groups. Many groups have put some additional material together, which is linked below. The Blue Sheet is given to all Society members, and also available in the Members Area of this site.

Area Group Co-ordinator,
Gavin Clark:

Blue Sheet (PDF, members only)

UK Area Groups

Overseas area groups