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Scaleforum 2010


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Welcome to this retrospective of Scaleforum 2010 held at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th September.  In spite of the continuing building work which meant that the main sports hall was not available, the show was excellent and the difficulties minimal.  Indeed, the new facilities upstairs were very much appreciated.

There were 10 top class layouts, 46 trade stands Society stands and several demonstrations plus the Bring and Buy which was well patronised all weekend with many, many bargains.  In this retrospective, there are nearly 400 images for you to enjoy & be inspired by.

The guide picture on the right is on every page and clicking it will let you download the complete Guide which has more information about the layouts and contact details for the traders which will be invaluable coming up to Christmas!

My thanks to the photographers: Gordon Ashton, David Dornom, Philip Hall, Chris Mitchell, Chris Nevard, Nick Smith & Peter Tatlow.

David Brandreth

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