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Scalefour South West 2010

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© All photos are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.  

Scalefour South West 2010 was held at Wells Town Hall on 14th & 15th August .

There were 4 excellent P4 layouts, 4 S Scale layouts, 4 more layouts in 7mm, EM, OO & N gauge, (12 layouts in all), 17 wonderful traders, 4 specialist societies, 8 displays, 10 demonstrators and a Bring and Buy.

The guide contains all the information about the layouts and the show. If you don't have one, you can click on the picture to download a copy. The guide is on every page in the retrospective so you don't have to come back here to get it.

My thanks to Danny Cockling, David Dornom and Nick T Smith who sent in the photographs in this retrospective. Whether you are a member of the Scalefour Society or not, I hope this retrospective will make you want to visit the Society's BIG show - Scaleforum - in Leatherhead in September.  If you don't make it, there will be a retrospective in due course so you will be able to see what you missed!

Photographers among you can contribute photographs by contacting me:

Send pictures either by email (max 1.5Mb per email, please) or on a CD (I can supply the address). If you can reduce the photos to about 200kb each, that would be helpful, but don't worry if you cannot, I can.

I hope you will enjoy this retrospective.

David Brandreth