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Scalefour North 2012

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© All photos are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.  Photos by David Brandreth unless otherwise attributed.
Scalefour North 2012 marks our Silver Jubilee as it is the 25th show in its present guise. The first “Scaleforum North” was held in Barnsley in 1988 and, although a relatively small show, it proved immensley popular with finescale modellers and was repeated again the next year in Holmfield House, Wakefield, just a stone’s throw from our present location in Thornes Park. Scalefour North soon earned a reputation for fine modelling in a relaxed environment and became a regular show on the exhibition circuit. Circumstances forced us to move from Holmfield House in the early 90s and for two years Huddersfield Technical College housed the show, followed by several years at Horbury school, then in 1998 Scalefour North moved to our present home - Wakefield College. Looking back it is interesting to recall the different layouts which have appeared over the years. Like their owners, some are still going strong but sadly some are no longer with us. We are delighted that one of the layouts to appear at our very first show – Witton Junction Engine Shed by David Fenney – is to appear again at Scalefour North, 25 years later.

We have also enjoyed tremendous support from the specialist model railway trade over the years and are grateful to all those traders who come back year after year.

Scalefour North provides an opportunity for like-minded Model Railway Enthusiasts to meet, talk, exchange ideas or information, generate new friendships and revive old ones. To encourage dialogue between visitors and exhibitors, we don’t place barriers in front of the layouts so visitors are free to ask advice from the exhibitors: this is what the show is all about. Over the years, many new and innovative ideas, which have advanced the art of finescale modelling, have emanated from the members of the Scalefour Society. We believe that Scalefour North provides the ideal showcase to present these new developments, and we hope that all visitors are inspired by what they see over the weekend.