James Wells

Model of Tyne Dock Class 24 A partially complete Tyne Dock Class 24. It is based on the Bachmann model, but with a lot of added detail. The fuel tanks have been fabricated from plastikard and plastruct. Wire and brass strip details are still to be added. The loco in question, D5103, lacked a water tank at the time the model is based, so this has been left off accordingly.
It has been rewheeled using Gibson wheels, and is a superb runner! Still to be added is a new silencer arrangement, Bachmann's is incorrect, and various other details.

Model of a much modified Lima class 60

A much modified Lima class 60.

It represents 60093 as it was when I saw it in Hull a couple of years back (though, the 'Big T' logos should be removed, but I left the factory paint work intact).

It has full interior details at the no. 1 end. New cab interiors are fitted, as are working lights. It runs on Ultrascale P4 wheels, retaining the original mechanism, which is a beautifully smooth, quiet Lima power bogie.

Model diesel locomotive Work in progress - a strange, involved Bachmann/Lima hybrid.

It has a Lima body with tumblehomes off the Bachmann model grafted on and sits on a modified Bachmann chassis (with narrowed bogies).

Craftsman windows have been added; the outer windscreens are now angled back and the cab windows have been reduced in width. The model will be finished to represent 37516 as it was towards the end of 2003, when it was on Sandite duties.

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