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Progress of a model signal box for New Street Work in progress on the Signal Box for New Street.

Originally I made a master for the distinctive walls and copied it in resin. Having struggled with the corners I have, reluctantly, come to the conclusion that I need to scrap the resin and use L section styrene instead. The old stuff is visible at the bottom of the picture.

The roof vent is from Unit models, the Air con units from S-Kits and the ladders from Colin Craig. The rest is from me.

Model of Class 310 EMU Class 310 EMU number 310 091 threads it's way though the masts of OLE.

The model is built from a Southern Pride Kit which features a multitude of materials from Resin to Etched Nickel Silver, via etched brass, whitemetal, plastic and even paper!

The model is powered by a Lo-rider power bogie. Personally I think Network Southeast a pretty awful livery.

Model of overhead line electrification Here is evidence of a start on the OHLE for Jim's model of Birmingham New St. Look forward to some pics of trains under the wires.

Model of HST Since the introduction of the new breed of RTR diesel locomotives it has been increasingly necessary to update the mechanisms of older stock. In this case a new drive system was required just to ensure that the whole train would actually move.
The subject, a lima HST has had the chassis from a Bachmann class 25 "donated" to it. Wheels are Sharman 13mm type and the cosmetic chassis needs to go "into the shop" for a rebuild. While there its livery will be updated to a mode generic intercity style. This one being appropriate for the first example only.

As is usual the lights and exhaust are products of photoshop - including the coach inside the tunnel where my shunting plank actually ends.

Model of Bachmann 37/0 to  P4 standards The Bachmann 37/0 is a good model out of the box but still benefits from some cosmetic improvements.

On this example I cut the front section of the nose out and moved it all down by about a mil and a half. The bufferbeams were cut off as I didn't want a skirted example anyway.

The bogie sideframes have been repositioned closer together and higher up and the usual bufferbeam detailing, speedo and hand brake chains have been added.

Model of Mainline class 56 Another PA-1 conversion this time to a Mainline class 56.

I also took the opportunity to rebuild the underframe in much the same method as I did my class 25's. That being to cut up the original moulding, throw some away and rebuild it all with much more relief.

Model of  railway wagon This started life as a Cambrian Kit, and indeed it ran as such for a good few years. Then on the introduction of Bill Bedford's sprung W-irons it became a little test bed to see if they could be fitted to a wagon that has no floor.

By losing the middle part I found it to be a reasonably simple task of gluing the W-iron to the solebar and this will become the standard for all my dog and catfish models. The handwheels are from Colin Craig and offer a huge visual improvement over those supplied in the kit.

Model of  railway wagon To compare with the Dogfish above here is a Herring. My first ever genesis kit.

Some parts have been replaced, starting with the usual Bill Bedford sprung W irons and Colin Craig hand-wheels. The checker-plate floor is from Intercity models and leaf springs from MJT, brake shoes from 51L. Plus, naturally, the usual bits and bobs, pieces of wire etc. that go into finishing a model off.

I didn't have high hopes when I ordered the kit to be honest but I have to say I am very pleased with the result.

Model of Hornby class 25

Hornby class 25 body on a rebuilt Bachmann 25 chassis.

Model railway locomotive 81014 started life as the old Triang AL1 loco. I was able to pick up 2 bodies cheaply years ago.

The model is powered by 2 Hornby class 86 power bogies with modified sideframes.

The roof and underframe detail is scratchbuilt from plasticard and microstrip

Model of a Silver Fox version of class 25

A Silver Fox version of Class 25.

The cosmetic sides of the chassis have been totally rebuilt to give more depth and holes where there should be holes!

A model of a class 128 DPU A model of a class 128 DPU built from Craftsman sides on a Lima base.

It is pictured waiting in the rain at Almwch station during the recent Wolverhampton show.

The rain, lights and exhaust smoke being added in photoshop.

Model of 108 DMU More photoshop work on a picture of a 108 DMU.

I can claim no imput into the layout or the model - A DC kits body running on a shortened Lima underframe but powered by a lowrider power bogie. This Model is built by Simon Stevens.

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