Tom Mallard

Model of 30052 This model of 30052 is one of a pair which made good use of the usual excellent Martin Finney kit. All of the pull/push fittings are fabricated from scratch, although I did master my own patterns for the clacks and Westinghouse pump to save a big chunk of sanity. Amongst numerous refinements, the chimney, dome and smokebox door are turned from brass, and the chassis uses Ultrascale wheels and a High Level gearbox.

Model of 30052

Model of 3770 3770 is nearly all scratch built, with a lot of careful riveting on the bunker and cab! Where similarities occurred, I did use a few parts and castings from the Martin Finney kit for the earlier 2721 class pannier tank engine, and the rods and brake-gear from a High Level chassis kit. I wrote a bit about this model in MRJ 189...

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