David Lane (4719)

Model of a Princess class locomtive (46207) The Princess (46207) is scratchbuilt - in fact it started life very many years ago as a brass loco body and tender made by other hands and came to me about 40 years ago when a widow was disposing of her late husbands modelling items to what was then my local Club. It then sat ignored in various drawers in three different houses for some 39 years. It came with a set of plates for 'Princess Arthur of Connaught', but was in fact modelled on the original two Princesses - so needed a complete re-work to suit the name, and all that remains of the original now is the footplate, adapted to P4 gauge! The rest is nickel-silver.

Power is a large Portescap.

Model of O2 locomtive The O2 is an Alan Gibson kit with a Mashima 12x20 motor.

Model of K1 locomtive The ER K1 is a DMR kit with a Mashima 14x24 motor.

Editor's note: David was a member of the society from 1991-2013, and passed away in 2013. These models are now reported to be in the custody of other society members.

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