John Critchley


Model Railway This station is modelled on the actual preserved station of Horsebridge on the Sprat and Winkle line in Hampshire, though because I had only a space about the size of the 18.83 Challenge it is more than slightly truncated!

My first layout to P4 standards, it has provided a great deal of enjoyment. Researching the site, building the baseboards, making the track (Exactoscale), converting RTR locos and coaches, building kits to a higher standard than I had in the past, and exploring new methods of constructing the buildings and scenery have all been extremely stimulating and satisfying.

Locos are (so far) a Bachmann type 33 (Gibson wheels and Black Beetle motor bogie) and Hornby T9 (Ultrascale wheels), both awaiting final details. There's also a DC Kits Hampshire class 205 two coach DEMU half completed, again with a Black Beetle motor bogie. All these are converted for Red Arrow control.

Two coaches are Hornby with modified bogies and Exactoscale wheels. The corridor connections are Plasticard with sponge core. This has allowed a more realistic design with less depth and therefore closer coupling. In my opinion the end connections now look more like the real thing.

The station buildings are Plasticard, card, emery paper, with etches for windows and valance (from Ian MacCormac to my dimensions). The brickwork is correct to the original and made up using DTP software - almost brick by brick!

Some experimentation for other surfaces is producing fairly good results using plaster, ash, wood ash, Woodland Scenics, Greenscene, and trees made from 0.125mm copper wire. The background is a single nine foot photographic print from my own panorama and montage. Signals are MSE with Viessmann motors

There's plenty more to do!


Model Railway Model Railway
Model Railway Model Railway
Model Railway Model Railway

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