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Model locomotive - 62203















The D1 (left and below) was made from a LRM kit of the D2 but have to say there was a lot of work needed to convert it - but worth it I think for something a little unusual.

Model locomotive - 62203

 Aganoria Models Hunslet 0-6-0T Recently off-works Aganoria Models Hunslet 0-6-0T in P4 to work in Figwells Brewery Complex deep in GER territory.

 Aganoria Models Hunslet 0-6-0T Out of the works is a P4 Comet Ivatt Class 2 ... not quite as built but a late transfer up to the NW via Darlington. Standard ESU micro decoder, Mashima 4/16x20 Flat Can and silent efficient High Level 30:1 gearbox. Gibson Wheels

46109 46109 is a special build for a very good friend and customer who has been with us since the business started some 14 years ago and we wanted to create the impression of a well cared for the engine that we all remembered from our youth. It is a Brassmasters kit, Ultrascale wheels, Mashima 14/16/26 Flat Can driving a silent High Level 30:1 Road Runner+ Gearbox, as silent and efficient as anything you can use. All the valve gear works in forward or reverse gear from the lifting link. The look is by painting with cellulose paints, lining done in house then weathered again with two pack base black mixed with a matting agent and drifted on as if it were soot from the top and dirt from the track. The valve gear and wheels were blackened with an etching marker pen then everywhere lightly oiled with electofix and oils to get the look that we all wanted. A few moments of our past can be recalled and enjoyed once again - isn't that why we do all this? - John F B

Loco Another P4 Steamline Sheffield production just about finished.

Finney kit, very large Mashima in the tender with UJ drive shaft to High Level gearbox, Lenz Gold and UPS fitted, lifts 16 bogies, Gibson Wheels. Valve Gear fully adjustable with working conjugated valve gear.

Will do a couple more when fitted with crew and cab doors.

B12 Loco The latest P4 B12 out of the works, lined and weathered by Ian Rathbone.

Comet kit Loco Comet Kit, Maygib Wheels, P4 with some etched parts from Bill Bedford, fully sprung using Brassmasters hornblocks and springs. Shed Plate to be fixed and it is stood on EM track at Millhouses Shed (hence the back wheels riding on the rims - I will relay that piece of track sometime!).

A London Road Models kit of the NE Class O/G5 A London Road Models kit of the NE Class O/G5. Built by the Steamline Sheffield team and painted and lined by Ian Rathbone. The wheels were not lined as it is to be weathered slightly and there was no evidence of them being there in our photos of this engine. Mashima 1626 Round Can coupled to a High Level Gear Box.

A Roger Stenning white metal kit.

Martin Finney kit Built by the Steamline Sheffield team from a Martin Finney kit, powered by a Mashima 14/16x20 Flat Can set on a High Level Gearbox with Ultrascale Wheels, Hornby Scale Couplings, painted by Ian Rathbone and finished touches and final running by me. The video test run was on a P4 test track built by Prof Challis.


Comet Kit Comet Kit, Brassmasters sprung hornblocks, new Comet bogie, KM wheels, Mashima 1620 & Comet 50:1 gearbox, working valve spindles.

Martin Finney kit Built, painted, lined and weathered by the Steamline team, three of us at the moment from a Finney kit to P4 with all the Auto working stuff scratch built.

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