John Anderson

Model of LNER Q6 The loco on pick-up goods duty was produced within two weeks from a Dave Alexander LNER Q6 kit with one of the first Peter Stanger chassis kits, after I decided a typical North Eastern coal train was needed for Hedleyhope at Scalefour North this year.

It will be noticed the headlamp code is wrong for a pick-up goods, the loco having been plucked from its usual through-coal-train duty on the layout at the end of the Exhibition and stuck onto a few wagons for photographing. The loco combines a Dave Alexander white metal kit and a newly marketed Peter Stanger "compensated" chassis kit that was reviewed in MRJ No 181. I have added a profiled extension to the front of the frames and provided new guard-irons and front and rear sander pipes. I also fitted a piece of scrap etch to the centre of the fourth axle and vertically elongated the bearing holes of the rear suspension 'bogie' to make the chassis fully compensated. The inclusion of a grub-screwed boss removed from a Romford worm gear soldered to the kit worm wheel on the driven axle enabled the motor drive to be disconnected when setting up and quartering the chassis. Now runs superbly and silently after running-in tweaks.


Picture courtesy of Allan Rodgers.

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