Mark Stapleton

Model of Iain Rice
'Buckjumper' On show at the Great British Train Show 2008 in Toronto.

#94 "Christopher" at Dave Knights light railway terminus "Nether Upton" with a short mixed train.

The loco is an Iain Rice 'Buckjumper' with a Scannell inspired CSB chassis. Once I had sorted an out of square axle, it runs smooth and quiet.

Model locomotives

3F # 1958 was my first P4 model, consisting of a modified K's bodyline kit on a Perseverance chassis, with Gibson wheels, powered by a Portescap motor.

11217, is a repainted Dapol Pug with Ultrascale wheels.

Model SDJR 3F locomotive SDJR 3F #24 is a modified Hornby body, again on a Perseverance chassis with Gibson wheels but with a Sagami motor through a NWSL gearbox.

It is painted with acrylic paints and needs some weathering to tone down the blue.

Model SDJR #61 locomotive SDJR #61 is an old Airfix body modified to change the driving side, with a Perseverance chassis and Sharman wheels and Portescap stuffed in the firebox.

The tender is (I think) also a Perseverance kit, and has the two front axles sprung.

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