Richard Harper

Model of Scrubs Lane Sidings signal box The signal box for the planned new extension to the Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society's layout "Clarendon".

The top section uses a London Road Models brass kit for a LNWR Type 4 box. The lower section is scratchbuilt using plastic sheet. A depiction of the interlocking mechanism can be seen through the windows.

Model of West Country 34104 West Country 34104 Bere Alston is constructed from a PDK kit and has a Portescap motor, Gibson wheels, compensation using hornblocks rather than the kit system, plus extra detailing particularly to the tender.

The loco is in 1959 condition and will be used on my "Sidmouth" layout for an excursion train.

Model of M7 30044 M7 30044 built from Finney kit.
Beautifully painted and weathered by Ian Rathbone.

Built in readiness for my layout, now under construction, based on Sidmouth circa 1959.

Model of M7 30676 Another M7, 30676, built from Finney kit.
Again beautifully painted and weathered by Ian Rathbone.

Model of Ivatt 2-6-2T Ivatt 2-6-2T 41306.
This has a Bachmann body, somewhat modified and detailed. Mounted on a Comet chassis not so beautifully painted and weathered by me!.

Model of 2-6-2T 2-6-2T 82010.
This is a modified and detailed DJH body on a Branchlines chassis. Each has a Portescap motor and is compensated.

Model of LBSCR Galadstone My "Gladstone", built for Leamington and Warwick MRS layout "Clarendon" set in circa 1908. It is an Albion kit.

Portescap shoe horned in- just. Compensated chassis.

Lined and lettered by Ian Rathbone - just look at the LBSCR monograms, repeated on each splasher - superb!

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