Deputy Chairmans Cup

The Deputy Chairmans Cup competition was originally established to reward innovations facilitating P4 modelling. After only two awards the Cup was changed, in 1982, to a competition for locomotive performance with the intention of encouraging skill and innovation in the construction of model railway locomotive chassis. From 1993 to 2001 the competition was divided into two categories, class A for kit or scratchbuilt, class B for rewheeled proprietary. After 2001 the competition was rested until being re-introduced in 2010. It is not currently being held.


Year Awarded to For
1978 Peter Squibb Turnout operating unit
1979 Not awarded
1980 Paul Prior Servo operated point motor
1981 Not awarded


Year Winner with
1982 Bob Isgar Craftsman MR 0-4-4T
1983 Alan Sibley Furness 3F
1984 Mike Sargent
Eric Pilgrim
GWR Dean goods
1985 David Simmonite GWR 54xx
1986 Alan Ketley Merchant Navy
1987 Alan Ketley Britannia
1988 Malcolm Mitchell GWR 45xx
1989 Gordon Ashton Class 52
1990 Alan Sibley Class 08
1991 Tony Sissons
E Michaelides
GP9 switcher
SR R1 0-6-0T
1992 John Chambers J67/2


Year Winner Class A with Winner Class B with
1993 Andy Farquarson
Graham Seed
Robin Gay
GWR 517 0-4-2T
GWR 57xx
LNER N5 0-6-2T
Alasdair Taylor EE type 3 Co-Co
1994 Martin Finney LSWR class 330 William Brownlee EE type 4 Co-Co
1995 P Young GWR 517 0-4-2T Paul Gittins EE type 3 Co-Co
1996 Brian Page EE type 3 Co-Co Paul Gittins Class 08
1997 Brian Page Class 03 Paul Gittins Class 25 Bo-Bo
1998 Alan Sibley USA 0-6-0T Jim Smith-Wright Class 58
1999 Graham Seed GWR 45xx Jim Smith-Wright Class 86
2001 Mike Sharman Beattie Well Tank Paul Moore Class 25

The Deputy Chairman's cup was re-introduced between 2010 and 2014 in its original guise for innovation in railway modelling.

The winners were: