EMAG Meeting 8th February at Risley Village Hall

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EMAG Meeting 8th February at Risley Village Hall

Postby RobM » Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:03 am

Despite appalling weather conditions, eight members attended this enjoyable modelling
Over the last three weeks David and John have built two test tracks out of the off-cuts from
the layout weight reduction exercise that Ken did recently. John has wired both of them to
work on both DCC and DC and fitted them with five-way DIN plugs. This will allow the
group's DCC system to work on all the test tracks and the group layout Risley Yard when
completed. One of these test tracks will be kept at the club for use by members when the
larger one is unavailable or space is minimal. All in all this was a good exercise in recycling
old materials. Ken is going to build a removable baseboard section for Risley Yard to
accommodate Bob's buildings.
David was working on a GWR 2-6-0 loco he bought on eBay, which had been built from
a Malcolm Mitchell kit; John and Ken were discussing the group layout and looking at lamps
from DCC Concepts and Gaugemaster.

Tony was fabricating three-link couplings making his own links from Nickel Silver wire using
a home made jig to form the links.
Bevis was putting sprung buffers on some of his EFE Rail LSWR carriages; Howard was
soldering connections on the printed circuit boards for the new control panel for the north
fiddle yard on Leeds City North; Richard was continuing work on his Midland Railway 3F 0-6-
0 using his new Amtech head magnifier and I was putting buffers and couplings on a David
Geen kit for an L&YR Dia. 1 open wagon.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 15 February and will be an all-day modelling session
for work on members' own projects and Risley Yard.
Martin Nield, Minutes Secretary
9 February 2024

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