Jubilee Challenge

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Jubilee Challenge

Postby RichardS » Fri Sep 29, 2023 9:24 pm

Although an ex S4S member I maintain an interest in the society's activities and when browsing the forum (you never know I might be inspired to re-join) I noticed the items about the Jubilee Challenge. An excellent idea, and all societies might attract new members if they were more proactive in this way. In fact I felt the vague stirring of thoughts along the lines of 'could I' &' 'should I,'

Opening the challenge to non-members - lone modellers and those from other societies perhaps being the main source of such entries - is of course essential to encourage membership.

But, I mused, why are these potential entrants not already members of S4S?

Continuing to peruse the Jubilee Challenge section of the forum I reached the 3 pages of Qs and As.

As I waded through the various posts & replies - pedantic, obtuse, awkward (mischievous? - it was hard to tell) - I realised why some, maybe many or perhaps most of those non-members might choose that status.

And those 'vague stirrings of thoughts' I mentioned earlier? Sadly they'd completely vanished.


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Re: Jubilee Challenge

Postby gavin » Sat Sep 30, 2023 7:20 am

Hello Richard

Would you be kind enough to give me a small email on Gavin.clark@scalefour.org - I would love the opportunity for a quick chat offline from here.

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Re: Jubilee Challenge

Postby SteamAle » Mon Oct 02, 2023 11:25 am

"But, I mused, why are these potential entrants not already members of S4S?"

I'm a member but only have a few items of P4 stock and a couple of lengths of track so do not consider myself an S4 modeller.
Been into EM for more years than I care to remember and have a couple of layouts!
Now working in O gauge but not a member of the GOG as I can't see what they have to offer. They are such a broad church and I was so dissapointed when i went to Telford to see there "show piece exhibition". I went away thinking "if that's the best they can do there is no point in joining them!"
I'm very lucky that I know a lot of excellent S4 members and get to meet up with them and occassionally operate a layout or two. This forum is always inspiring, hence me being an S4 member.
One day if i can find some more time you never know a challange may just spur me on!

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